is a path breaking approach towards management of NPAs and their subsequent reduction thereby unlocking tremendous values for the benefit of lenders, borrowers and investors as a whole. is all about harnessing the limitless power of the internet. It is a single portal where lenders can upload their NPA details and then seek investors for them from any part of the world. Internet provides it the limitless and seamless reach ability. It provides a single platform for all stake holders and thereby it will prove a meeting ground for those who are interested in dealing in NPAs.

“Secrecy” will be the watch word at There will be checks and balances so that precious, sensitive information is not disclosed to unauthorized persons.

This innovative concept will remove all geographical barriers and make the NPA Data available to any interested investors in any part of the world, who would be able to access the information and get in touch with the lenders through this portal. will significantly add to the visibility of NPA data as well as unlocking huge dormant values of such Non Performing Assets and bring its benefit to all stake holders as also to the nation as a whole by enriching the economy.